Located in Istanbul, Founded in 2013, Made with love, Goes on excitedly...
and likes flexible workings hours, sunday spaghetti, gym membership (most of us train at home), soft drinks in the fridge, daily fruit delivery service, cozy home atmosphere... :)

Our ultimate goal is to provide our users with high quality and more bright products. There are tons of creative possibilities on the world, and we want people to enjoy with our projects as much as we do. We want to develop possibilities that we are on the right way!

We are looking for Developers, and Full Stack Engineers with production web and mobile experience. For more information, question or feedback tweet us at @HouseLabs or send an email to hello@houselabs.net


A special thanks to...

  • Stanislav Koshutsky for the great mobile developing.
  • Kevin MacLeod for the beautiful music.
  • Mykhailo Kondrat for making the stunning graphics.