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It is a very simple word puzzle game where you have to guess the word before the hang process is completed and before the time is over. The most enjoyable hangman game.

Brainy Man: Trivia Game

  • Cool graphics, Funny sounds.
  • 3 game modes, Classical, Time Attack, Two Players
  • Free for Android smartphone or tablet
  • More than 30,000 question bank
  • Google Play Services Leaderboards
  • The most enjoyable hangman game. Brainy Man!
  • Hangman has never been this cool! Improve your skills!

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About HouseLabs

Located in Istanbul, Founded in 2013, Made with love, Goes on excitedly...

Our ultimate goal is to provide our users with high quality and more bright products. There are tons of creative possibilities on the world, and we want people to enjoy with our projects as much as we do. We want to develop possibilities that we are on the right way!
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